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About Us

About Us
Indutrade Founded in 1982, is a dynamic importer / manufacturer of construction equipment. As a market we focus on the European market in construction materials and climbing. Our focus is on domestic production, high quality materials that meet the strictest requirements. We only supply quality products through a sophisticated stock, very quick to deliver against a market competitive price. In addition, we continue the strategy of expanding our product range by, as you can see on our "new products to be expected".
In our product range you will find a number of recognizable unique Indutrade products:
the waterbox, lighting columns, shoring prop, stucbankjes, aluminum scaffolding, a small selection from our ever growing range

Climbing Products
It contains a complete range of climbing equipment such as scaffolding, ladders, stepladders and a range of related products.

Building Products
It contains a complete package of materials such as shoring props, scaffolding pipe, water box, lighting columns, standpipe, various materials for plastering, etc.

Folder downloads
Gives you an insight into the folders we currently have!

Do you have any questions or anything unclear, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy in a personal interview to explain what benefits you offer to do business with Indutrade.

Frank Aben Director / Owner

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